Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?


Are you wondering if it’s a good idea to outsource your social media marketing?

This is an extremely good question, and as a social media manager, my answer might surprise you.

For brands that don’t have the resources or time to put together social media campaigns from scratch, working with a social media agency can be a very smart move.

But why?

This is because social media marketing companies understand the strategies behind
different networks, and can help you be much more effective in terms of your return on

But you still need to have a hand on your social media marketing efforts because nobody
knows you brand or business like you do.

However, if you dread spending your free time scrolling on Facebook, and coming up
with engaging Twitter and Instagram posts sounds about as fun to you as ripping off a
bandaid, you might want to work with a social media manager.

Here’s a few reasons to use a social media manager and why many of our clients
work with us:

  • Many people (even those who have been in business for decades) have a “blindspot”when it comes to their they don’t see the obvious. A social media manager can spot the not-so-obvious and save you from making costly mistakes because they are on the outside looking in.

  • It can be difficult to be an expert on your topic AND be an expert on social media for business. This is because the average person and business person is not keeping track of every algorithm change that Facebook does, or every Instagram update (What is a story for anyway?) and what is popular and trending in Social Media changes all the time. Remember Myspace? Exactly.

  • Having a social media manager post for you takes the emotion/fear out of it. Many people worry, “Am I posting too much?”(Side note: I wrote about social media posting frequency in this post:)  You may wonder, “Am I going to say the wrong thing?” A social media manager does not have these concerns, because they are confident in their expertise, so the readers will pick up on the confident energy. Sounds weird or woo-woo but science backs it up. Words have powerful energy.

  • Hiring a social media manager frees up your time so you can work ON your business and not IN it. (Cue the choir of angels singing!)

Imagine someone who lives and breathes social media who has your back! That’s
exactly what we do here.

NicClick Social provides digital marketing services for a variety of clients, both
locally in Asheville as well as regionally. 

 if you would like us to help you reach your marketing goals.